New paper out! It's a short contribution, but we noticed that juvenile hawksbill sea turtles retained acoustic tags way longer than juvenile green sea turtles. Check out our publication here.

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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in my work.


I am currently a Scientist III working for Cherokee Nation Technologies, a contractor for the USGS. I am based at the USGS center in Davie, FL, and most of my work revolves around providing science support for managing the invasive Burmese python problem and for studying marine turtles in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.


Burmese pythons have likely been established in the Everglades since at least the mid-1980s, and they have been widely recognized as a problem since around 2000. I began working as a research technician on the problem at the end of 2010, first with the University of Florida Croc Docs, and then with the Kristen Hart lab at USGS.

Burmese Python in Everglades

I returned to school and began taking courses for my Master's degree in Fall 2014. My research focused on the spatial ecology of Burmese pythons. I am interested in environmental factors that are predictive of python activity, and also in GPS biologging technology.

Brian J. Smith

Cherokee Nation Technologies

Center for Collaborative Research

Nova Southeastern University

3321 College Ave

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