New paper out! Translocated animals often take time to explore their release site, leading to different habitat selection patterns immediately after release compared with their eventual steady state. Led by Simona Picardi, we quantified both individual and temporal variation in habitat selection of translocated sage-grouse. Check it out here!

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Brian J. Smith with Racer


Welcome! Thank you for your interest in my work.

I am a PhD student studying Ecology in the Department of Wildland Resources at Utah State University. I am co-advised by Drs. Dan MacNulty and Tal Avgar, and I am a part of USU's Ecology Center.


My dissertation research focuses on tying animal movements and space use to population demography. I work on elk in the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park, and I'm interested in how the pressures of density-dependence and predation risk influence elk behavior, and how those responses, in turn, affect elk survival and reproduction.