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My professional interests are broad, but I generally like providing quantitative support for applied management problems. I enjoy working at the intersection of basic ecology and applied wildlife management.

My PhD is primarily focused on basic ecological questions, but I try to make my approaches broad and useful in applied situations. Broad themes of my PhD will include tying animal space use to demographic consequences and improving our understanding of predator-prey dynamics in natural systems.

My broader interests include geographic and spatial analyses, hierarchical modeling, and quantitative ecology. I am a strong R programmer, and I have worked on multiple R packages (visit my GitHub for more). I am also interested in reproducible science, database administration, and teaching data science tools to ecologists.



My personal interests of course begin with nature and the outdoors. Originally from Florida, my main outdoor interests for many years were herping and birding, camping, hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling. Now that I live in Utah, I am also beginning to get into winter sports, including skiing and snowshoeing.

I was not raised hunting, but I became interested in sustainable harvest during my undergraduate. One of my best friends and I got interested in duck hunting, and we both became passionate waterfowlers. I am always interested in learning more about hunting, and I'm hoping to add big game to my repertoire here in Utah.


My other major interests are music, sports, and photography.


I play guitar, and I am trying to learn to play piano. I often play with friends and occasionally try to play at an open mic night.


My favorite sport is ice hockey, which I played throughout high school, and I'm a big Tampa Bay Lightning fan. I currently play in a men's league in Logan. I also enjoy playing most other sports, especially beach volleyball and basketball.


I really enjoy dabbling as a wildlife photographer. I get most of my best shots simply because I am lucky enough to spend time outdoors in really special places. My photos are mostly about showcasing the subject, typically a charismatic animal. You can see a few of my photographs from my 365 Species Project below. If you like them, you might want to browse my Flickr.

#25 African Elephant
#294 Western Yellow-bellied Racer
#227 Yucutan Black Howler
#137 Red Lionfish
#5 Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill
#256 Wahlberg's Epauletted Fruit Bat
#161 Yucatan Banded Gecko
#365 Hooded Merganser
#364 Florida Scrub Jay
#301 Gray Fox
#42 Veiled Chameleon
#58 Double-crested Cormorant
#166 Veined Treefrog
#144 Rough Green Snake
#75 Anhinga
#95 Striped Crayfish Snake
#151 Red-eyed Treefrog
#356 Prairie Warbler
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